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 Config Scam Report
I make this thread on scam report due to a deal which were made by me Pablo and our member Givenchy.

Unfortunately I deleted the Thread in our Marketplace after the transaction were made. (Because I thought I would get my stuff the day after)

However I can provide witnesses who saw the post by me, who messaged me after they saw the post.
People who saw my thread was:  MGX  Givenchy kr4ck3d + Others, who did not message me [url=][/url]

This is the only proof of my Thread post after deleting it: If link does not work pls let me know.

THE POST: I was asking anyone who is a trusted member of CK, who has decent knowledge and can provide me a GOOD Steam Config to PM me in CK.

Here is all the proofs I've gathered: Pass: Inferno

Additional Picture his Discord Username:

I had no reason to believe that he had intentions to rip me off, as he got integrity and respect on CK.
As he were no "just a leecher" guy who made is profile yesterday.

Its my fault, all of this and I got no one to blame than myself, but I hope this proof can contribute to this final perma ban from CK. 
As he have misused his status and integrity by selling his reputation for 100$ and scamming. 

Please do not let his guy keep doing this to others, for me 100$ is of course a "hard hit", but if there were someone else who does not have much money to live with it could be even harder for them to not get their config and do their work.

@Givenchy you Have 24 Hours to respond
[Image: 1KQiCwS.gif]
We dont need 24 hours for what is already proved. banned