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 Proxies [FREE] EXE-Proxy Scraper by rivem0dz

This program is developed by me 100%. It scrapes proxies from the most HQ sites, and I have bundled a multi-threaded checker. The speed of the checker is truly amazing. More sources will be added in the next updates. Now you can grab up to 3k proxies which are mostly working. For using my proxy scraper install the font Sketch 3D, since it uses that font, if you now the title will be bugged, but the program will still be functional.

EXE-Proxy Scraper uses advanced technology like selenium webdriver to bypass security in the most known proxy sites and grabs them in seconds. Its completely developed by me, it does not have any virus and if you want proof of this, any admin or trusted member can ask me for the source code and vouch for it, VT has false-positive since EXE-Proxy-Checker uses selenium with the argument --notheaded wich is detected as a Trojan, but its not.

The checker works fine, and an 800 timeout is recommended. Use 5 for very fast proxies and set threads according to your processor (200 is recommended).

[Image: pfJ6rYr.png]

Remember to INSTALL THE FONT and also DO NOT DELEAT the chromedriver.exe file included. 

Also remember that by using this program you agree to make good use of the proxies, and that you are the responsable one for what you do with them, i dont recoment this proxies for any malicius activity.

PLEASE consider donating to my BTC to keep this and other proyects alive: 1KvuQdrVoSqnGiLLb4KVtHXCgUPPujrNDC

All my combos are DUMPED BY ME with PRIVATE DORKS. 
Also account are 100% PRIVATE.

[Image: lcyMUua.png]