[CREATIVEMARKET] 50x Social Media Backdrops – Water

[CREATIVEMARKET] 50x Social Media Backdrops – Water

If you’re looking for inspiring imagery to accompany your text and posts on social media, this pack is for you. 
These eye-catching photographs are taken around the world by award winning photographer Matt Palmer (that’s me!).

 All photographs come direct from me, the creator, directly to you. I’ve put together fifty of the best water related photographs for your convenience, and to support your amazing content with eye-catching imagery. No worrying about copyright violations, no worrying about photographs being repacked from other sources or take down notices. 

Each picture is 2000 x 2000px, significantly larger than Instagram’s retina requirement of 1080 x 1080px. This allows you to recompose each photograph slightly to fit your text, or to suit your style.
[Image: water-one-cm-marketing-.jpg?1503302033&s...cf6051401f]
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fUCK this is fire

uploading to my twitter rn  Big Grin

thanks buddy

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