Heyo. I made this Movie Banner / Poster for a class project. I was going to half-ass it at first but decided I started to like the way it was turning out, and so this is my final product, since it's due tomorrow, may work on it in the future. I know this doesn't look like a typical movie poster, and that's fine, since it's only for class.

Please check out the book, it's pretty amazing
Link: https://books.google.com/books/about/In_...HKMgEACAAJ

This banner was created for the book "In the After" by Demitria Lunetta. Our project was to turn a fictional book into a movie, and this is why I have made this.

6 hours (but I was procrastinating a lot, so maybe 4 hours)

Designs -

IMGUR (may have lost quality):

Original (8x11 inches): Text & No Text
[Image: 1yBPXPn.png]
[Image: khp3Z51.png]

Original Ideas & What I started with -

Original idea before editing:
[Image: CGEjVpT.png]

What I started with:
[Image: 4sgZ5Wy.png]

Images used:
[Image: DAFR7dn.jpg]
[Image: AaYRsQ5.png]
[Image: FDxu97R.png]