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Hello I am offering a cheap service.

I will get you Spotify premium on your account.
The service is simple you DM me if interested I give you an easier way to contact me.
Once paid you send me your email and I will add your account to a family plan giving you premium. All you have to do is go on your email and fill out the information that the form is asking for and log out and back in on your phone and you will be premium.

As of now this service is for people in the US only but I will be expanding the service to support other countries in the future.

Price: $2 per account
Payment types available: BTC, LTC, ETH, and Paypal for users that I deem trustworthy.

There is a 2 week warranty which will be applied if you are removed from the family plan.

I will give out 3 vouch copies to HQ members just reply to see if you're eligible.

Vouch copies available: 3