Crackingking new upgrade system

New Crackingking upgrades

We have added the new upgrades to the upgrade page.

Ranks Prime/Supreme will now be lifetime ranks while the supporter rank will become a 3 month rank instead. 

We will be making some changes to the rank names/views/functions (adding more functions to certain ranks as well as updating the userbar for certain ranks).

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
[Image: eYA7pih.gif]

I am a human just like you, please give me some time to respond to PM's (I am not online 24/7). Be patient. Cheers //Protein
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New upgrade rates are awesome. Will go for Prime/Supreme ASAP. Thank You!

EDIT: Got Supporter for now.
Hello, I am unable to send a private message since I do not have 25 posts. 

I wanted to know if I can upgrade to Prime lifetime via paypal. Please let me know how to do so.  Prime (Lifetime)
I can't reply to alot of threads and as far as I know I'm not banned, will upgrading to Supporter help that issue?
hi sir cannot pm you

i had paid for cracking prime for 15usd in past
but i had not activated because of some reason

yesterday i tried didn't work

You have recently purchased from Selly. The payment has been verified and you can find your purchased product alongside the order's details below.
Product: Crackingking Prime 1 month

Order ID: cb506ecf-5882-4b78-8e5f-c32373edda2e

can you help me

i sent email also

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