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Greetings, This is the official GrandMarket thread on forum, any announcement/news or update will be posted on this thread by our official account.
We're happy to welcome you to the most advanced platform for selling digital data.

What is GrandMarket?
Grand Market is an online platform where people can sell and buy various type of digital data on the internet.
The main purpose of GrandMarket is to create a free market of digital data trading.

What is being sold on GrandMarket?

- Logins, Premium Logins, Dating Logins & almost every login/account type.

Request System
The features range doesn't end here, we also have a "Request System" that we've prepared only for your specific needs.
If you need any item that you cannot find inside the market, you have the option to contact vendors regarding your request.
Once you've sent your request, the chosen vendor(s) will automatically get a notification with your request.

Support System
We have an advanced support system that has proven to be efficient for both-ends (User and Support).
The average time of your issue or problem being solved is approximately 15 minutes.
Hard to believe? Try to contact us.

Become a Vendor - Start your own shop with only two clicks
We made sure that creating your own shop inside GrandMarket is a simple and easy process so you can start generating sales right away!
Currently there are 3 different vendor plans that you can choose from, based on your preferences.
So pack your seats as this is the right time for you to become a vendor. Imagine being one of the first vendors on GrandMarket and the credibility you're going to reflect to your clients in the future.

There are alot of benefits that you'll have as a vendor, such as:

Your own personalized market
You'll get the chance to have your own personalized market where you can direct your customers to which makes it easier for you to keep your customers happy and build your reputation at the same time.

Accept Specific Requests From Others
Are you known for providing specific items?
Now your customers can request a specific item from you any time they need it, so you're always up to date with their demands.

Automatic Payment Requests
We do pay out vendors every week but if you need the money urgently then simply send a payment request and we'll send it to you as fast as possible.

Privacy & Security
All your data, items and everything else about you is fully secured & encrypted. You'll also get to choose your shop's name in case you don't want your username to be shown around.

Advanced Statistics & Tools
As a vendor you'll get access to advanced statistics about your sales & items, bulk discounts on your items and alot more. You won't have to worry about anything else, except of selling your items to your customers.

24/7 Support
In case you ever have a problem with something, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is always here to help you out at any given time.

Great exposure on onion
We constantly launch marketing campaigns over various sites and platforms so at the moment you become a vendor on GrandMarket your shop will be automatically shown to thousands of targeted customers, so you don't have to worry about getting clients on your end, they're already there for you.

As a vendor you also have the option to advertise your shop inside GrandMarket, so your ad will be shown to thousands users once they login on their account. Advertising your shop in the front page of Grand Market has been proven to be effective for many vendors, helping them to boost their sales and reach more customers.

If the vendor membership cost is unaffordable for you at the moment, feel free to contact us by using the support system and we'll guarantee that we'll reach a pleasant agreement for both parties.

TOR domains
At the moment, this is our official TOR domain:


Backups (in case there's any issue with the primary domain):

We hope you'll get familiar with the platform but if there's any uncertainty then please read our FAQ / Knowledgebase page or contact us by using the Support system.
We highly encourage you to carefully read our platform rules!
GrandMarket is still on its early days so any suggestion/critism from your side is truly appreciated. Suggestions/Critiques can be sent using the support system as well.
GrandMarket is going to grow together with you!

GrandMarket staff

How to install TOR Browser and access GrandMarket?

A Tor Browser is the ultimate tool for protecting your privacy while using a PC to browse online

  1. To get started head over to the Tor Project [] and download the latest stable version for your OS. [Click here for picture]
  2. As the Tor Browser installation prompt appears, pick a directory to store the program. It can easily be installed in a drive of your choice (i.e. desktop, program files). [Click here for picture]
  3. Opening Tor is as simple as clicking the shortcut on the desktop or by opening the Tor Browser folder and click the Start Tor Browser icon. [Click here for picture]
  4. In the address bar paste GrandMarket's address: http://grandmarketzooq4.onion and press ENTER.
  5. Register/Login and enjoy!
Free Vendor Membership

We're still offering a free vendor membership for anyone who has high quality & quantity of items to sell.
GrandMarket's user base is constantly growing, so is the numbers of vendors who're joining GrandMarket to sell their items.
You don't want to waste this time-limited opportunity which would normally cost you $1,000.

Contact us through a support ticket on our platform or by Jabber: [email protected]
Contact us by sending a proof of your items quality and quantity and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

GrandMarket staff.

Adamantis just added 17,884 Dumps on his shop:

BPHost just added 943 SMTP / Cpanels on his shop:

SPAMKing just added RDP / Webmails on his shop:

Shopster just added Shells on his shop:

GrandMarket is having an exponential growth on user-base and there are new vendors who're joining the platform everyday!
We encourage every user / seller to join our platform as we will always do our best to keep you satisfied by offering continuous 24/7 support and providing you with exclusive features & tools.
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