import pywinauto
import time

from pywinauto.keyboard import send_keys

repeat = int(input("Input how often this should run :")) #int= integer meaning it is an number. If you combine this with Input the user input gets taken as a number not Text
msg = input("Input message to send: ")#Here we define the message to send and asign it to msg this means each time we call msg in trouth we call the userinput stored in msg
sleep = int(input("How much pause per type(in seconds) exp: 0.5 :"))
for i in range(repeat): # this basically tells this should repeat so many times as the repead variable tells it to
   time.sleep(3)#time.sleep lets us wait 3 seconds
   send_keys(msg)# here we call msg, | msg has stored the user input and now tells the code to type the userinput
   send_keys("{ENTER}")#here we tell the libary not to send the text {ENTER} but send a command to press the enter key
   time.sleep(sleep)#time.sleep only takes integers and not text thats why we did the input sourrunded by int. now we call this input
this is just for learning although it is functional this is a simple proof of concept
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