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This is the NEW RULE IMPLEMENTED for all the Newly Registered Members. This Extreme action has been taken just because of you GUYS!

We gave you full freedom but you guys just misused it by LEECHING or CHANGING PASSWORDS.
  • Newly Members need 15 THREADS which should be valid, after the 15th post / thread the user can post to free accounts and can post all over the forum and get accounts or configs.
  • New Members need to make application to become basic member after you make 15 THREADS.
  • Click here for a full list of requirements and to apply click here.
So the RULES goes here by:
  • Newly Members can only post 1 post per day in the FREE SECTION instead they got the privilege to create topics in Free Section and also can use GENERAL SECTION.
  1. Use the Members Introduction to give a brief of your Introduction.
  2. Use the Lounge to chitchat about the general aspects all over the worldwide.
  3. Use the Suggestions section to give your idea on how an user monetize in the cyber world.
  4. Use the Giveaways & Competitions section, provide the members of the community a free giveaway on anything you wish should be legit.
  5. Use the Preview section, to post what ever you like, and we will look into it and move it to the right place.
  • Newly Members can create thread.
  1. You can create Threads about to contribute to the forum on CONFIGS, PREMIUM ACCOUNTS & COMBO/PROXIES.
  2. Do not try to leech accounts from other forums and post it here. It should be legit and own cracked accounts.
  3. Our staff will have a look on all the accounts you are posting in a newly manner.
NOTE1: Do not try to SPAM the board while you are on this restriction. This will lead to PERMANENT BAN.

NOTE2: Check this rules often, they are not final yet, we added them to keep you secure, and making CrackingKing better place